Funny People! Start recording your sets!

What can I send?
We prefer an audio file but will extract audio from a video if that’s what you have. Stand-up, sketch (if it holds up to an audio-only format) – anything that was recorded live in Charleston, SC.

How long should it be?
5-7 minutes is ideal. We would like to offer listeners a variety of content. Please trim audio (or if you must, video) to just the desired bit. We’ll do the rest.

Do I have to live in Charleston, SC?
NOPE. We love out of town comedians, and we want Charleston audiences to love you too – record your sets when you’re in town!

Who is “we”? Who’s in charge of this thing?
We are Comedy Cabal, no doy.

What is Comedy Cabal?
It’s these assholes. (1) (2)

I submitted a piece and it wasn’t used this time. Is it because you don’t like me?
We love you. We probably loved what you sent. Maybe it wasn’t a good fit for the one, maybe it’s on deck for later, maybe we featured you last time, maybe it’s not great for audio-only format. Ask us; we’ll tell you. We promise it wasn’t personal.

May I appeal? May I speak to the committee? 

Why are you doing this?
We love comedy. We love Charleston, SC. We love each and every one of you. We love the local businesses who let us host comedy. We’re putting our time and energy into promoting the things we love.


Ready? Two options to send:

1. Email your file – along with your name, website (optional, if you want it linked to the episode you’re in), a description of what you’re sending, and the date/location it was recorded – to

2. If your file is too large to email or there’s some other complication: Email us as above to let us know what you’re sending, then go HERE to upload your file. The upload password is: topsecret